Friday, July 30, 2010

Just Colorado

It really isn't all too bad living here, it was just about 5 years ago that I moved to this state with my family. During my freshman year I found it quite unbearable and horrible, I had no friends, I was starting at a new school once again, and I just found myself to be so out of place. For days I would linger on my own until I finally found some friends in my choir class which wasn't too bad since the girls were really nice and had great personalitys. The thing was I knew I really didn't belong with them but one girl stood out from the rest, her name is Hallie...I think I spelled her name correctly...she hated when people spelled her name wrong. Soon she became my best friend, I couldn't of been happier to have a friend like her but the only problem was she moved to a different school a little while before I moved again. We kept in contact for a little while but it died down after a while, I could feel myself changing to another person. I didn't really feel like talking to anyone anymore, not even my close friends from California. It isn't like I mean to do it on purpose it was just that I was so depressed because of all the movings around the country my family and I made.

My first year of highschool was horrible, before I had moved to Colorado I lived in a small town in Grinnell, Iowa with my aunts family. The first 6 months we spent there was awkward, scary, and plain stupid; though, my parents needed work we stayed there as long as we could until they found another job which was located in Colorado. But those first 6 months I did not make any friends whatsoever, I was also shy which didn't really help either. I didn't really seem to care though since I knew I wasn't going to be there long and I was so relieved when my parents told me we were going to move once again. But I knew my parents would never in their life be able to stay in one city for more than a year or two and this is how it always was in my childhood. Throughout my whole life my family has moved around more than 10 times, which is a record for our whole extended family members.

Finally the moving has ended which I am so glad of now my life can have a real beginning to a true story. The only problem is I still miss the California lifestyle and my friends...they are the ones who keep me going while I am here in this city far unknown to me.

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