Monday, July 12, 2010


He's always been there for me, he's always tried to c h e e r me up the best he can even if it means telling me the truth.

The truth always hurts, and his words always did hurt.

Though he has his s w e e t side there was always one side I hated so much. This was the part he became someone he was not, someone who not only hurt with words but with every ounce of his heart. He has no compassion for another's well being when he has become this despicable m o n s t e r but when you confront him with the truths he will just laugh it off making you feel like a total complete i d i o t. Soon you just learn to take what he gives you, i g n o r e the offensive comments, turn your back feeling more frustrated than ever, and finally what happens you leave and he apologizes.

From then, you take him back.

As you take him back the cycle starts all over again, he is sweet until you have ticked him off and from there he goes turning back into the awful monster he really is.

I really do not know why I stay by his side.

Something is probably holding me back, holding me back hard enough of not ever letting him go; but, maybe just maybe one day I can finally turn my back away forever.
He may seem to be an awful guy with no heart, no compassion, but I will still l o v e him...
I know I am stupid for staying by his side, typing these words, thinking about him...
But he has those special moments that I will cherish throughout my lifetime...

Maybe someday you will read this I don't know, but there is always one question I have always wanted to ask you?
Why do you love me?
I've always wondered this...
You told me you love me from time to time but I don't know if its really the truth or a lie, but you sometimes hurt me like I mean nothing to you...
So I don't understand why would you hurt someone you supposedly love?
I've almost known you for three years even though we have never met face to face, but do you really love me?
Or am I just another game you like to play...
For once will you man up and tell me the truth? The whole story? The real story?

If you are going to turn around and ask me why I love you even though I have the man of my dreams, all you've read so far should of told you everything.

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