Wednesday, July 7, 2010

b l e g D:

So I finally decided to come on and check my blog, but it turns out my lovely old blog has I had to make a new one not a big deal I guess.

Some days it is like a dream.
Some times it is nothing more than reality.
Often I find him to be a man.
Mostly I find him to be my lover.
He often parades like a child I have never seen, one that is likely to fall down and get himself right back up.
He usually chooses the wrong path to take, but I am still always right there behind him.
His eyes and heart holds the deepest of all secrets, not even I can even penetrate.
But his words tell otherwise, sometimes lies, and sometimes love. He isn't perfect that I know of, but he is mine.
For now Richard is my l i f e, and someday I will be his w i f e...
(( This isn't a poem just thoughts. ))

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