Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank You

Has no boundaries.

This has been bugging me for a while now and I just want to let it off my chest, I have a friend name Ava, I'm not how sure she spells it but oh wells. I may not know Ava too well but I know what she has shown me. Basically he wants to become a she, I never really understood the meaning of changing your gender but I asked her and her gf this one day and she says "Comfortable." Meaning he feels that he should be a woman not a man, I remember watching about this once on tv, it talked about how some chromosomes get mixed up and that person ends up not being the real gender they were suppose to be. After hanging out with her a lot more I start to understand why she is who she is, you can never find a more girlier girl than her, with her gf, our friend Berri and I combine she beat us all. I'm glad that I met her because I would have never found the most courageous girl in the world. She showed me something I would never have the fucken guts to ever everyone who she really is.

There are many people out there who won't accept her and there are people are there like her gf and friends who will cherish her until the end.

This woman, I just can't believe what she and others like her have to go through. I can't believe how much they are willing to endure to be who they are, so much shun, hate, and tears. Nothing will ever be the same for her anymore. A lot of people out there in the world won't even accept her, she's been sexually harassed, teased, and so many other fucken things I would ever even believe.. Her parents don't even accept her but I know they will always love her its just one thing that bugs me so much why let your child go? Why shun them for being who they want to be? Most parents tell their kids they can be whatever they want as long as they try and reach for that dream.

What if this is their dream? How can you let them go out there knowing all the things you've once said was a lie. Before you shun them out of your existence try being in their shoes for once..try enduring what they have to deal with when they are "different"..try understanding from their perspective before judging.
Nothing is worse than losing your child..but since they chose to be something you are afraid of or whatever the fucken reason is. Look into their eyes and tell me what do you see inside?

You know what I see?
A human being.
A person with a big heart.
2 ears, 2 eyes, a nose.
2 legs, 2 arms.
Blood running through their veins.
And often I see a smile.
In the end we are all human and at the end we will all die, so why not enjoy what time we have left? Instead of worrying about all the stupid little crap that worries us but how can we do that? We can't, but you can stop worry about the little crap your child has "become" and start living with who your child really is.

I thank you Alex for showing me how brave you can be, how far you are willing to go to be who you are. Even if people out there don't accept who you are, you are still going to have others out there who are going to love you no matter what.

I thank you Crystal for being such a great, courageous, brave woman who's always willing to defend your lover even if its going to cost you a bloody nose or a broken face.

There is one thing to be picked on for your race but to be shunned for who you feel you are is outrageous...

The world has become a one minded society..well most of it.

You can't always get what you want, but it is always still worth the try. No one person is perfect but to all those that have been so fucken judgmental...bleh.

Yay 5 a.m now its time for bed.

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